1. Location - Riga
  2. Clothing - Comfortable clothes and shoes
  3. Duration - from 10min and more
  4. Participant - 1 person

* In case of bad weather, the pilot may cancel the flight
Two types of flights are available - a flight over the Daugava (from Krasta Street, Riga) or a flight over the capital (from Spilve Airport).

Video and photos can be taken during the flight. If you want to use this service, please bring your microSD memory card. If you don't have one, then photos can be received via email. Service price: 5 EUR.

It is also possible to buy a memory card from the pilot. Price: 10 EUR.

Training pilots
within 2 minutes.
On-Line or Shipping
Enjoy Riga from the air
We reply within 5 minutes
Flight on a hang-glider

A unique opportunity under the guidance of a professional to make an extraordinary flight, to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world from a height of several hundred meters. Of all the elements, only the air allows you to move so quickly and freely.

It is peculiar for a person to dream about the sky, to strive for space - so forward to realization of a beautiful dream and bright impressions!

Location : Rīga, Krasta iela 56, Sky
Flight time : from 10 to 15 min.
Tel.: +371 29 511 922
We work without days off
2 Locations
Spilve Airport and Krasta Beach
Reasonable prices
You will have great pleasure
Routes Maps
Experienced pilot - an instructor, participant of 6 world championships, invites you to familiarize flights.
How to Get There?
Contact - tel:+371 29 511 922
Flight from Krasta 56
Use the Waze direct link to build a route!
Flights from the airport SPILVA
Use the Waze direct link to build a route!
+371 29 511 922
Krasta iela 56, Rīga, SKY
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